Training of entrepreneurship advisors in Montreal’s underprivileged neighbourhoods

The targeted populations for this project are located in Montreal North, Saint-Michel, Parc-Extension and Côte-des-Neiges, neighbourhoods where several programs to support entrepreneurs already exist. However, it appeared in a pilot project carried out by IDEOS in 2019 that this support needed to be strengthened and adapted to the local populations. The training offered by IDEOS aims to equip and train entrepreneurship advisors, as well as to encourage the adoption of best practices in these support organizations. The desire of the project partners is to strengthen the capacity of existing organizations to properly train the entrepreneurs they support on their entrepreneurial skills.

We believe that entrepreneurship can act as a lever to improve living conditions and get out of precarious circumstances (necessity entrepreneurship). By training entrepreneurship advisors in Montreal’s underprivileged neighbourhoods, we hope to help more (necessity) entrepreneurs succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavours and thus improve their situation.

The project takes place in two phases:

  1. Identify and analyze the needs of the different profiles of entrepreneurship advisors in the targeted neighbourhoods.
  2. Develop specific training courses for the needs of the participating entrepreneurship advisors.

The project is being carried out in partnership with HEC Montréal’s entrePrism incubator and the Mirella and Lino Saputo Foundation, and receives funding from the Ministry of Economy and Innovation (MEI).

The project also counts among its partners Groupe 3737, Microcrédit Montréal and Hoodstock, three organizations supporting the targeted neighbourhoods.

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Project partners

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Creation of a sustainable development policy plan for the municipality of the city of Sainte-Catherine

As part of the creation of its new Sustainable Development Policy Plan, the City of Sainte-Catherine, in partnership with IDEOS, has begun a public consultation process with various groups in the municipality. The methodology used is based on the materiality assessment tool in order to consult citizens and elected officials. This consultation process aims to create for the city of Sainte-Catherine its first Sustainable Development Policy based on issues deemed to be a priority by citizens and elected officials. The creation of the Policy will be co-constructed between IDEOS and the City of Sainte-Catherine and will therefore aim to address the main identified issues and to integrate the various existing policies.

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Project partners

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Humanov∙is–Communauté soignante: Identification of an organizational form and governance principles

IDEOS is mandated by the social innovation liaison and transfer agency Humanov-is to support the «Communauté soignante» (Health Care Community) in identifying an organizational form and governance principles aligned with its mission, vision, and values. The «Communauté soignante», began as a research project of the Patient and Public Partnership Research Chair. It mobilizes several partners in Montreal’s South Central neighbourhood, including the CIUSSS of South-Central Island of Montreal and the CDC-Centre-South.

In recent years, partners involved with the Patient and Public Partnership Research Chair have been seeking to expand the «Communauté soignante» project and expand its service offering. To this end, the Ministry of Economy and Innovation (MEI) has provided two-year funding (2020-2022), through Humanov-is, to help strengthen the foundations of the «Communauté soignante», particularly in terms of governance and funding from a medium- to long-term perspective. To do this, Humanov-is contacted IDEOS in early 2019 to conduct a review of governance and funding models and practices in a context of innovation and social entrepreneurship.

This research project aims to:

  1. Help «Communauté soignante» move towards a structured organizational form with governance principles that are conducive to its success
  2. Collect research data that could lead to the publication of articles in academic and/or industry journals

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Project partners

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The Pact for inclusion in the workplace for immigrants

IDEOS has partnered with the Montreal Office for the Integration of Newcomers (BINAM) as part of the «Pact for Inclusion in the Workplace of Immigrants».

This project, to which the Ministry of Immigration, Francisation and Integration contributes financially, is part of the City of Montreal’s «Inclusive Montreal strategy». The objective of the project is to offer personalized support to Montreal organizations, in order to promote the integration of immigrants into these companies.

IDEOS was mandated to coordinate the project and integrate its knowledge of management practices in order to maximize social impact.

Three faculty members of HEC Montreal, Marine Agogué, Sébastien Arcand and Luciano Barin-Cruz, will provide their expertise to 15 companies recruited by BINAM to take part in the program. Their role will be to support these companies in the definition and formulation of commitments to achieve their integration objective.

The program will run between January and May 2021. Support will be offered for free to organizations. It will address four aspects of the integration process:

  • The attraction of talent;
  • The hiring process;
  • Business integration;
  • Career development of immigrants and the development of talent.

Consultations offered by HEC Montréal’s faculty members will include co-design workshops. During these workshops, participants will be asked to identify opportunities for improvement at each stage, define their goals and finally plan the deployment of their action plan within their company.

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For all questins, please contact Clarisse Broucke

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