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The mission of IDEOS is to raise awareness and support the HEC Montréal community, organizations, and entrepreneurs, as well as to disseminate knowledge by placing social impact at the heart of its actions.

IDEOS favors a participatory approach whereby professors, students and stakeholders in the ecosystem are called upon to collaborate, share and contribute to the development of its mission.

The actions, programs and projects at IDEOS are focused around three main axes: Raising Awareness, Stakeholder Support and Knowledge Dissemination.

Raising awareness

Raise awareness among HEC Montréal students, organizations and entrepreneurs, as well as the HEC Montréal community, about societal issues and social impact.

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Support HEC Montréal students, organizations and entrepreneurs, as well as HEC Montréal professors in the development of social impact projects or their management skills.

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Knowledge Dissemination

Disseminate the work and research projects of our members and students, knowledge of innovative management practices and management models, as well as news, information and inspiring initiatives.

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IDEOS approach

By participating in IDEOS programs and activities, whether you are an entrepreneur, manager or student, you will gain a global understanding of the social and environmental issues that affect organizations and develop the skills needed to act in your community and implement strategies to have a greater impact.

In addition, you will support the development of knowledge in academia and among practitioners, aimed at helping social enterprises to improve their ways of doing things, but also traditional businesses to integrate social impact into their actions.

IDEOS activities

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