Organized by HEC Montréal, Canada, with the support of theYunus Centre – founded by Nobel Prize winner Prof. Muhammad Yunus – in Bangladesh, Social Business Creation is an international competition and innovative training platform through which participants learn how to use market mechanisms to solve social challenges.

Starting from a social mission idea at the beginning of the competition, participants will learn how to create profitable businesses with high social impacts. In addition to the rich learning experience, participants will have the chance to win several cash prizes, services and scholarships to participate in SBC competition.

Social Business Creation’s vision is to be the global leader in social entrepreneurship education. Social Business Creation’s mission is to educate business people to be socially responsible.

Objectives of the competition:

Change the mindset of students towards the norm that “profitability and positive social impacts should go hand-in-hand and thus social business is the way to do business”

Propagate the concept of social business and make students become ambassadors for its promotion

Enable and teach students to become better entrepreneurs with a sense of higher purpose and use their knowledge for the sake of social contributions via their business activities

Enable students to be successful in their entrepreneurial development