To support the social business projects of HEC Montréal students

Ideos and its partners offer numerous scholarships to encourage HEC Montréal students to carry out projects in social organizations. The main objective of the IDEOS Scholarship Program is to support research, the production of pedagogical materials and the creation of practical tools in the various management disciplines for organizations and projects with social vocations. These scholarships are intended for undergraduate and graduate students who are nearing the end of their program of study and who must complete their final research project. These scholarships are also available to students who are carrying out a specific project in social business or social impact related to their studies. We would like to thank our partners who make these scholarships possible: the Jacques et Anne-Marie Bougie Foundation, Atypic, the Claire-Léger Foundation and the Ariane Riou and Réal Plourde Foundation.

Équipe d'étudiants HEC Montréal

Consult the scholarships available and the deadlines in the HEC Montréal Scholarships Directory
(to help in your search, enter “IDEOS” in the research bar)

Application Submission

There are several scholarships awarded for projects related to social impact. IDEOS is responsible for evaluating applications according to the available scholarships, and reviewing the quality of the applications and the projected social impact of the proposed project . An evaluation committee composed of several members of Ideos is responsible for the evaluation of applications

(see Evaluation Criteria and Eligibility of Submitted Projects).

The application file must include :

  1. The completed application document (WORD or PDF format)
  2. A description of the proposed project including the following information:
    • The management problem addressed and, in the case of a thesis or a dissertation, the research question to be explored (max.: 1/2 page)
    • The description of the proposed project (max. 1-2 pages), with the following sections:
      • Presentation of the project
      • The objectives of the project
      • The method(s) of data collection
      • Relevant references
        * If it is a team project, the person in charge of each section of the project must be clearly indicated.
    • Relevance of the project for the partner organization or beneficiaries : indicate the benefits that the partner or beneficiaries will derive from their participation in the project (max.: 1/2 page).

Note that additional documents may be requested to complete the application, if necessary, by the eligibility requirements.

Students should address their scholarship application to Luciano Barin Cruz and send it by email to the following address: The decision will be communicated by email approximately 6 weeks after the scholarship deadline. For more information, contact Laurence Beaugrand-Champagne at 514-340-1139.

Types of scholarship dissemination & knowledge transfer activities

Different amounts are available depending on the scholarships offered by donors and their specific application requirements (consult the HEC Montréal Scholarship Directory for details about all Ideos Scholarships). Ideos-KPMG Scholarship ($2 500), Claire-Léger Scholarship ($3,000), and Ariane Riou and Réal Plourde Scholarship ($3,000), Ideos-Bougie Foundation Scholarship ($3,000 and $5,000), Atypic Scholarship ($5,000).

IDEOS encourages knowledge sharing and offers its scholarship holders the opportunity to carry out dissemination or transfer activities. The aim is to increase the impact of the project in the community and to highlight the work of students on topics or projects with social impact.

Examples of dissemination / transfer activities:

  • Producing a video such as “My project in 180 seconds”. This video would then be available on the Ideos website.
  • Presentation at an event or TED Talk, or any other type of conference (the scholarship recipient would then hand in the visual support used at the event and proof of participation).
  • Creation of management tools
  • Creation of a practical guide
  • Summary sheet explaining a process, the problem, etc.
  • Any other activity proposal approved by Ideos in advance

*NOTE: Regardless of the Dissemination/Knowledge Transfer Activity chosen, special attention must be given to the visual aspect of the documents (attractive layout, integration of graphic elements, etc.): it’s your opportunity to be creative! These documents will be made public on our website in the section “Resources created by Ideos Scholarship recipients“: it is therefore advisable to pay special attention to the quality of the documents submitted (content, structure, quality of the language, etc.).

Evaluation Criteria and Eligibility of Submitted Projects

Note that projects where the cultural, environmental or sustainable development aspect predominates over the social aspect will not be selected.

Eligibility conditions

Consult the HEC Montréal scholarship directory for the eligibility conditions.

IDEOS evaluation criteria

  1. Thematic :
    • Management issue with a social impact
    • Social issue with a management impact
  1. Contribution to improving the management and governance of companies or organizations with a social vocation
  2. Presentation of a clear issue justified by the appropriate scientific or managerial literature, depending on the type of project proposed
  3. 4. Emphasis on the relevance and contribution of the project for the partner social organization and / or for the sector (if the project does not have an official partner). For a project concerning a specific sector, the student must demonstrate the transferability of his results in this sector * Projects with an impact in an organization and in a specific sector could be favored
  4. Credible and quality methodology, depending on the nature of the project
  5. Quality presentation (structure, quality of text and language, rigor, motivation, etc.)
  6. If relevant to the project, be sure to include the following elements in the description:
    • Practical involvement in an organization or in a sector located in Quebec
    • Transferability of results to the sector concerned and to the Quebec context

Scholarship recipients will be invited to participate in the scholarship award ceremony organized by the HEC Montréal Foundation. This is a unique opportunity for students to meet the generous donor who made their scholarship possible!

– Last update of Ideos Scholarship information: February 2021