The Social Impact Program – National Bank Accelerator is for organizations that are part of HEC Montréal’s National Bank Accelerator program.

The Social Impact Program was created with the aim of encouraging and supporting organizations of the Accelerator cohort to include social and environmental impact dimensions in their business models.
Read the La Presse article.

Read the La Presse article

How does it work?

Companies in the Accelerator cohort are accompanied by groups of students from HEC Montréal’s Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility course.

This collaboration with IDEOS includes also:

  1. An introductory workshop on the value proposition of the organization
  2. The definition of a consultation mandate geared towards social and/or environmental impact
  3. Customized coaching sessions
  4. Specialized coaching with MBA students
  5. A presentation of the results of the consultation mandate and professional recommendations
  6. Funding of $8,500 that allows one team of students to implement their recommendations
  7. The opportunity for the organizations of the Accelerator cohort to be part of the IDEOS ecosystem

Partner of the project

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